What’s Hot: Iced Coffee!

Tis the season for long nights in the summer air, cruising with the windows down while the perfect playlist plays, and icey-cold drinks! The pumpkin spiced latte was the drink of Autumn, but it’s time to put away the open knit sweaters, throw on a cropped tank and grab the epitome of sex in a cup. Iced mother-effin coffee.

Iced coffee is virtually an accessory in itself that goes with anything and everything. TBT when you were strutting down the halls of your high school, buggy sunglasses on with your dad’s Mercedes keys dangling in hand and the mammoth cup of iced coffee you grabbed on your spare. Talk about pre-teen Valley girl Clueless chic. It’s almost empowering yknow?

A girl should never EVER be thirsty. The arctic-chilled refreshing dessert-in-a-cup quenches summer thirst while keeping calories low. You’re drinking the calorie-intake of maybe a squirt of simple syrup and 3 teaspoons of skimmed milk PLUS the fact this drink keeps you full for hours, you’ll be rocking your hot summer bod in no time.

Whether you want to splurge on a Venti from Starbies or be thrifty and take full use of McDonalds dollar drink days, pick up a tall glass of iced coffee that flawlessly compliments the summer adventures that the swimmingly cool nights and tropical warm days have to bring.