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The Best Lingerie for your Body

As a woman, you want to feel good in everything that you wear. This includes the things that you wear when you are out and what you wear when it is just you and your partner. Lingerie is something that can give you heaps of confidence and although it probably won’t be on your body for very long, it’s still vital that you wear a skimpy set that flatters you.

Accentuate your best feature

If you have awesome breasts, then wear something that shows these off. If you are perhaps more proud of your ass, then choose something that draws attention to it. Something that would be perfect for showing off your boobs is a babydoll set, it will push them up and naturally enhance what you already have. A babydoll will also cover your stomach, so it is perfect if you are a little self conscious about this area. If you have smaller breasts and you want to make them look larger, wear a padded or push up bra (with matching undies) for an awesome look. You will usually have a choice whether to go with a g string, boy shorts or frenchies – when choosing your lingerie set. If you are proud of your butt and want to show it off, go for the g string. French knickers look great on everyone and shorts are perfect if you are self conscious about your behind and want to keep it concealed (for the time being).

Think about the color

The color of your lingerie set is important, you can’t go wrong with the classic black look but if you want to go for something different then this is fine too. Red is a passionate color that stands out and if you want to look cute and innocent, then consider white or a baby pink. To get an idea of what type of lingerie will look best on you, try on a few different colors and pick your favorite.

Add something extra

You have chosen your lingerie, now if you want to – add something extra that makes you look even more sexy. Stockings and suspenders are a great look, they elongate your legs and guys seem to love them. If you are trying to vixen yourself up, then you might as well go all the way and add some accessories. Finally, you should wear your lingerie with confidence and you will come of as even more stunning. The likelihood is, that you are wearing lingerie for that special someone in your life who is already attracted to you. Lingerie is just the icing on the cake and they will not be able to believe their luck.

You might think that you are not the kind of women who can pull off lingerie, but who knows until you give it a try? Lingerie is designed with such care and attention, that there is something out there for everyone. Enhance what you have already got and the things you don’t like so much? Forget about it because the way that you wear the lingerie, is the most important thing.