Signs He’s Cheating on You

First of all, let me say that a women’s intuition is rarely incorrect. If you feel your man is cheating on you (provided you do not have experiences of being an over-thinker), there’s a good chance he is. Before you go out and accuse him of something so serious, you need be sure of it. Here are a few signs he’s cheating on you if you have that doubtful feeling in your stomach.

1) He’s cheated before

I’m sorry girls, as much as we like to think that we can change men, we really can’t. You can read up and research psychological articles about this if you don’t believe us. The past predicts the future, so if he’s cheated before, and he’s acting shady now, you have reason to be suspicious.

2) His technological habits have changed

Is he spending more time on his phone and computer than before? Is he putting his phone in his pocket instead of on the counter like before? This could be because he’s communicating with another woman or hiding something he doesn’t want you to see.

3) He isn’t as affectionate anymore

Maybe he doesn’t cuddle you anymore. Or he doesn’t give you random kisses and hugs anymore. This could be because he’s getting his affection from someone else.

4) He suddenly has a lot of “work”

Maybe he’s saying he’s working late, or has a business trip. If it seems like his workload is suddenly increasing, and he’s spending less time with you, he might not actually be at work.