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Proper Eye Care Can Help Save Money

When it comes to eye care, cost usually is an issue. But your eyes really can drain your wallet if you don’t know just how to go about it. Not to mention, we live in a tough economy, where everyone wants to save money. This article has helped take care of that anyway. It features handy tips and how you can save money on eye care. Get aboard with me:

Know your eye care insurance fees

Of course, eye care insurance is different from your medical coverage. It is in itself entirely separate as well. And while some plans will offer you a standard set of benefits, you might want to figure out about other plans; especially so if your eye care needs exceed the standard benefits. For instance, if you wear glasses while on the computer only, the standard plan might be your cup of tea. On the hand, if it’s your children wanting to wear glasses, you should be talking of a different story.

Find a good optometrist

An ideal option might be an optometrist that offers the newest technology. Yet, ensure the doctor you choose is in your network, so they might know when you call. Of course, you might need to enquire of a plan, because all plans are different. Equally noteworthy, you can search for a plan via insurance companies, as most of them do have interactive online services.

Use your old frame

If your frame is still in great shape while your prescription has changed, you could always get new lenses for the frame. Obviously, some places might not like doing that, yet most eye care shops would. All you need to do is ask.

Ask questions

Ask your optician whether or not you qualify for stuff that is shatter and scratch-resistant, based on your prescription. If you do qualify, it would be cheaper switching your lens’ material with one that comes with both uv protection and scratch coating. Obviously, buying the two coatings separately for a more basic material should be a bit costly. Still on questions, if you ask lots of them, the optician would certainly know you are some smart cookie, who is going to do your research. Which isn’t a bad idea.

Open a health savings account

When you use a health savings account to cater for your eye care expenses, it only means you’re using pre-tax dollars. Which that can help stretch your paycheck quite further. Just keep in mind the account has to be used in combination with high deductible health plans. In other words, a health savings account is not for everyone.

Forego contacts

Folks with contacts need to have glasses. Yet, people who wear glasses need not to buy contacts. You can guess which is cheaper. Obviously, even with the possible added cost of prescription sunglasses, the fact that glasses last longer than contacts should help save lots of money.

Shop prices

Just because you are loyal to your eye doctor doesn’t mean you should uphold it. You certainly can buy glasses from a different place. Plus, it’s possible you might find a cool deal than with your current doctor.