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Packing Tips For Female Travelers

It can be very easy and tempting for female travelers to simply empty the whole closet into their suitcase when they’re packing for a holiday. However, this isn’t wise and you should avoid over-packing. Packing light and smartly will get you much further than simply packing everything in your house. Here are some tips to help you with your packing:

Only Pack the Things You Need

Remember to pack only what you need not the things you want to bring along. Packing that beautiful pair of heels just in case you’ll feel like wearing it or carrying that extra coat isn’t advisable. One of the best tips for the female travelers who are addicted to over-packing is to lay out all their clothes and then pick half of what they think they need before finalizing their packing. This might sound tough, but odds are that you’ve taken some trips before where you never got to use some of your supposed necessities.

Pack Multipurpose Items

Several items on the travel market are intended to help travelers economize on cost since they can be used in more than just one way. An example of such items is a sarong, which can be used as a scarf, a hair wrap, a towel, a picnic blanket, or a pillowcase. Another multipurpose item is the infinity dress, which can actually be worn is approximately one hundred different ways. This dress can easily go from dress to a top to a skirt to a wrap, and has several layers of different patterned fabric. For the makeup, you can choose to tone it down a little bit and either wear less or no makeup at all while on the road, or try a multipurpose powder that has the ability to give color to your eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Make the Most of the Airline Handbag Allowances

You may be able to successfully squeeze in a little bit more luggage if you’re able to account for the extra personal items. But you’ll have to ensure that you are not on a super-strict airline, one that actually makes you account for your personal items’ weight as well as your carry-on.

Don’t Fold Your Clothes, Roll Them

When you’re packing your clothes, bear in mind that you need to pack clothes that you can easily mix and match, and to travel wrinkle-free, you should consider rolling up your clothes very tightly instead of folding them. This will also enable you to save some space.

Be Weather Smart

In case you are heading to a tropical destination, you may want to pack cool cottons instead of sticky synthetics. In case you’re heading to the beach, pack dresses, flat sandals and bathing suits. If you are going for a winter holiday, wear your bulky jacket when you travel so as to save useful suitcase space.

Carry a Handy Bag

If you intend to spend a big part of your vacation in sightseeing, you may want to carry a sling bag or a small backpack to carry your wallet, maps, water, and other essentials. This will be far more comfortable than your normal handbag. In case you plan to stay at a hotel, you can safely skip towels, cosmetics, and utilities such as hairdryer and iron box. Avoid carrying heavy guidebooks and instead go for the convenient online guides and apps that you can easily access on your tablet or phone.