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Makeup Tips For Older Women

Most women tend to have interest in the hottest fashion and beauty trends. However, what looks great on a run-way model might not look all that good on an average woman. Besides, in most cases, the hottest trends are geared towards youth without considering the increasing population of older women. The smoky eye appearance may be hot but it isn’t the most attractive alternative for the aging eyes of an older woman. However these women want to look their best. So here are some makeup tips you should keep in mind:

Avoid Using Mascara on Your Lower Eye Lashes

The main use of mascara is to improve and draw attention, and you obviously don’t want to draw attention to the fine lines on your eyes. It isn’t sensible to coat your lower eyelid after your face has started to develop under-eye wrinkles. In case you feel uncomfortable when you don’t use mascara, you can at least change to brown mascara and completely avoid the deep black one. The black mascara is extremely harsh for the aging areas of an older woman’s eye. However, remember to curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler, since this will help make your eyes look more open and radiant.

Wear Lip Makeup Appropriately

Avoid wearing lipsticks that are either too glossy or too dry, since such lipsticks will tend to bleed into the lines formed on your lips and make the lines more noticeable. Lip liner is a great makeup tool for the older women, since it helps prevent color from bleeding into the fine lines on the lips. In case your lips have reduced in size, consider coloring your lips fully and using a lip liner to help line the outer ridge.

Avoid Using Liquid Eyeliner on Your Upper Eyelid

You can use eyeliner on your upper eyelid, but remember not to use the liquid eyeliners. On the older subtle eyes, this liquid can seep around the small wrinkles on the eye and work to highlight the imperfections you’re trying to conceal. As an alternative, you could go for the brown, green or plum colored eye pencils, depending on the color of your eyes. You can soften your look by slightly blurring the line using an eye shadow brush. Also, you can still opt for a slight shadow dusting but avoid using cream shadows, since the cream can seep into the wrinkles on your eyelid and form a lump, thereby drawing attention to your sagging skin.

Apply Foundation Correctly

Pick yellow-toned foundations or colored moisturizers, since they have a tendency to tone down redness effectively. Keep off thick foundations. Keep the foundation sheer so as to avoid textures that may highlight the wrinkles rather than concealing them. In case you have too much brown spots or freckles, you may want to use gel bronzer or even cream to help fix that and add a healthy radiance to your skin.

Keeping Your Face Moisturized

Makeup and cosmetics won’t benefit you in any way unless you take proper care of your skin. Ensure you drink sufficient water daily and use water-based skin moisturizers. You can also apply rich eye creams every night so as to help smoothen the areas round your eyes and lessen crow’s feet. The more moisturized your skin in, the more evenly it will hold the makeup you wear.