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How To Increase Your Breast Size Naturally Without Surgery

It’s no longer a secret that almost every woman is obsessed with having large breasts that men can enjoy touching and playing with. It’s very unfortunate that many of them opt to go for the expensive breast augmentation surgery procedures to enlarge their breasts when we have other safer and cost effective breast enlargement methods!

There are many natural methods that have been scientifically proven to make breasts larger. Besides this, these methods do not have any side effects as compared to surgical process. It’s therefore recommended to enlarge your breasts that very man will die staring at by using the below natural methods.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Addition of progesterone hormones has been found to increase the size of women’s bust without any side effects. This addition of hormones commonly referred to as hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) can be administered by using different methods such as pills, injections, nasal mists, patches and creams. These methods are inexpensive and usually take a short time for the enlargement to be observed.

Breast Massage

A sensuous breast massage is considered as one of the best methods for breast enlargement. This is because it has been found to trigger the body tissues to release endocrine hormones which are known to initiate the growth of breasts. The massage is also thought to increase the rate of blood circulation to the breasts which in turn facilitates faster travelling of phytoestrogens which supports quick breast development.

Folic Acid

This is a very essential component for women who want faster breast growth. It contains vitamin B which enhances production of new cells in the breasts. This is supported by the fact that folic acid is the most effective nutrient when it comes to rapid cell division. Folic acid has also been found to be very ideal in reducing breast pain and tenderness.

Creams and Lotions

Certain creams and lotions have been successful in enlarging the size of the breasts in different women. According to statistics, the creams and lotions have been found to increase the size of the breasts by half a cup. In order to be very effective, these creams and lotions are to be smeared to the breasts onto the chest twice a day. However, it’s advisable to stop using them in case an allergic reaction occurs.


In order to increase the size of your breasts, pills which are made of estrogen and progesterone hormones have been manufactured by different companies. These tablets also contain other medical ingredients like L-Tyrosine which are thought to stimulate the growth of muscles in the chest area which definitely leads to breast enlargement.


There are certain natural herbs that are known to enhance the growth of boobs. In fact, many of them are used in the manufacture of pills and creams. They are very cost effective and easily available. The most famous herbs include wild yam, fenugreek and fennel. The aforementioned herbs have been used for long and through various experiments; they have been ascertained to increase breast cup size by a considerable amount.

There are also certain exercises that have also been known to increase the size of boobs such as building back and shoulder muscles by lifting dumbbells.