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15 Uncommon Questions about Human Head Transplant

  1. What is the general consensus in the medical community regarding the upcoming head transplant operation?

  2. How would the brain be connected to the spinal cord after a head transplant?

  3. If they can do a brain transplant then does that make us immortal?

  4. When will a full head transplant be possible with high survival probability?

  5. What are the chances of success of the first human head transplant in 2017?

  6. I recently heard about head transplantation.. Is it possible?

  7. Is there any Head transplant?

  8. When will the first human Head Transplant be attempted?

  9. How have head transplants been done on animals?

  10. How do head transplants work?

  11. Why would anyone ever want a head transplant?

  12. Who attempted the first head transplant? What happened?

  13. Assuming a head transplant is even possible, where would they get a functioning body from?

  14. Could we extend lifespan by growing headless human bodies, and then using those bodies for human head transplants?

  15. Can a surgical transplant operation on two humans –one with a fine head and an invalid torso, and another with a vice versa situation – into one fine man be allowed due all the aspects involved?


Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero claimed that he performed the world’s first human head transplant. Now a Chinese surgeon has stepped up to say that he also plans to conduct a human head transplant next year 2017