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How to Quit Caffeine

Most of us enjoy a cup of coffee, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Unless, you’re experiencing acid reflux and other drawbacks brought by excessive consumption. Giving up caffeine could be a challenge, especially if you’re hooked. However, these tips would help you slowly put an end to that addiction, without even realizing it at all.

Do It Gradually

If you’re one of those who are addicted to a cup of Joe, then you’re probably thinking of giving it up, but you don’t even know how to start. The most ideal way is to do it gradually, because this would help in reducing the intensity of withdrawal symptoms that you might experience. Likewise, it could also be a way to find out new habits that would replace the old ones. Keep in mind, habits aren’t developed after a night’s sleep, but on how determined you are. Likewise, it would also depend on how much caffeine you’re actually consuming on a daily basis.

Additionally, aside from coffee, you could get your dose from other sources, such as chocolates and tea.

Look for Another Go-to Drink

Another way to quit caffeine is to look for an alternative, such as decaf coffee. Even though decaf still has caffeine, it could be a good replacement that would allow you to slowly stop your caffeine addiction. Aside from that, you could also try another beverage or drink that’s caffeine free. Hot water or herbal tea is advisable, but make sure you wouldn’t add any lemon juice if you’re suffering from acid reflux.

Drink Plenty of Water

It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold, but consuming plenty of water is a great way to detoxify your body. You’ll have another form of drink that would relinquish your craving and thirst, aside from your usual cup of Joe– which could be unhealthy if regularly consumed.

Furthermore, those who were once addicted to caffeine claimed that being hydrated allowed them to stay alert even during the withdrawing period. Some of the most common sign of caffeine withdrawal are difficulty in concentrating and low alertness. However, if you’ll stay hydrated, you could avoid these symptoms.

Get More Sleep

Based on research, most Americans aren’t getting the ideal amount of sleep their body needs, because they’ve been drinking a lot of coffee. We’re all aware that coffee has stimulants and that’s the reason why we tend to drink a cup of Joe every morning. However, if you’ll try to be logical, if you’ll only get enough sleep the night before, there’s no need to kick start your body nor your brain.

Instead of depending on coffee, look for energy in other ways, such as regular exercise, avoiding naps, and having a sleeping habit.

Eat Healthier

Having a healthy diet is considered to be a very effective way to say goodbye to your addiction. The rule of thumb? Avoid refined sugar and fatty foods. Instead, replenish yourself with food that are low in fat, but high in vitamins and minerals. Heavy foods have the tendency to make you sleepy and it could even increase the risk of heartburn– which defeats the purpose as to why you want to stop your caffeine addiction.