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How To Get Fit For Free

  • Getting fit is a desired end for many people all over the globe. However, sometimes the finances are really limited and it is hard to sustain a gym subscription. The good news is that if you really want to get fit, and you have no money to waste on a gym or purchasing expensive equipment, then there is still hope. You can get fit for free, without having to spend a dime. Below are ways in which you can get in shape at no cost at all.

Socialize and Exercise

One of the oldest tricks to free exercise is to socialize and exercise. Look for a party of friends and form a running club. Use the free parks and walking alleys for your daily meet ups. Being a social event, you are less likely to get discouragement. You can also consider taking advantage of student gyms. Many colleges have recreational facilities that are open to all students. You may enroll for a short course and hit two birds with one stone. Gym subscription is expensive and it is worth trying to get it free.

Local Gyms

If you are strong-willed and principled, try the free days at local gyms. They do free days to encourage subscription, so you must be in a position to constantly resist their pleas. For those with computers at home, YouTube provides an unlimited supply of exercise videos. You may download them and use them as your aerobics instructors. Another trick is to try and be an opportunist. For instance use stairs and not elevator as much as possible. You will be amazed how this small trick will lose you calories.

House Cleaning

Once in a week, clean your house manually. Simply take sweep under all the furniture and try to scrub all surfaces. While you will live in an awesomely clean house, you will also lose 50,000 calories or 14 pounds by the end of the year! Walking up a hill can also do wonders. If you walk uphill on a regular basis, try to walk backwards up the hill. This will make you to enjoy view while still allowing you to have a full quadriceps workout. This exercise is four times effective as a gym equivalent.

Daily Routine’s

Most of the time staying fit will call for unconventional tricks that you will have to strain a little bit. For instance, always try to shop with a basket and not a trolley. While this may be a small sacrifice, you may lose 50 calories with each trip! If you have a baby, take him for a walk! This will be fun, fulfilling, as well as calorie-destroying! If you are in the right mood, try to do squats holding the baby for more resistance. The more creative you get the better!

If you have space in your backyard, you may want to grow your own vegetables. This will both save you money while giving you a chance to do gardening; which can be a fun and calorie-burning exercise. For more fun, walk the dog around the hood. You may want to take advantage of the walking parks around you to do this better.

In case you take a bus to work, get off the bus one stop earlier and walk the remaining distance each morning. This small gesture will help you remain fit for free! There are many hacks that may keep you fit for free such as riding the bicycle or skating. Really, what you settle for is only limited by your imagination. It is already bad enough to be financially pressed, so if you choose the free fit model, at least make it fun! Enjoy your exercise!