How To Choose a Cool Handbag

Handbags are some of the best items that a woman should accessorize herself with. They are meant to compliment a woman’s personality and what you wear therefore be sure that it represents their personality. Due to increase in the number of designer handbags in the market, it has become increasingly difficult for women to choose what type of handbag to go for.

We all know that all purses are meant to keep credit cards, driving licenses, lip glosses, lip glosses among many other easy-to-carry items. However, it should be noted that not all purses are good for you. There is a criterion that is used by classy women when it comes to choosing of handbags. Here are the factors you can base on when selecting a handbag in order to stand out among the rest in your clique.


Before deciding on what handbag to pick, you should ask yourself some questions such as; is this handbag going to last? What material is it made of? Is it going to fit and represent my personality? If you got the right answers to the above questions, then you are on the right track. If you want to get a handbag that will really last and pass the test of time, then go for a purse made of leather by a popular luxurious brand. However, there are a lot of handbags imitations in the market with logos of a famous brand but the quality of material is not authentic. Avoid them and go for original purses and it will take a longer time before you think of buying another handbag since they are durable.


It’s good for a woman to buy a designer handbag that corresponds to their body size. If you are a petite lady, go for small to medium size clutches but when you are tall, it’s advisable to go for a larger purse. Also, it’s good to bear in mind that the size of stuff you are going using the handbag is vital when buying a handbag. If you carry large stuff, go for a larger bag although don’t overload it. On the other hand, if you carry small items, go for a small sized handbag.


This is also a vital thing you should consider before choosing a handbag. Try to examine the seams on the handbag and see whether they have loose threads before buying. It’s also good to check if the zipping and unzipping the handbag is easy enough. If the purse has loose threads, then that is not the right one for you. Still, if there is difficulty in zipping and unzipping, do not pick it as it may become unusable over time.


There are a wide variety of design handbags you can choose from in the market and all are made of different colors. The best thing to do when buying is picking one in a neutral color. This is because a neutral colors can match with any outfit you put on. Do not go for ‘shouting’ colors or colors that are too bright. A brown/black color is the most preferred since it goes with any color of the outfit.