Healthy Alternatives to Coffee

No doubt, people rely on a cup of Joe to kick start their mornings. That’s also the reason why the workplace has begun to replace those famous coffee shops for employees. In fact, most people who are employed in an office would rather skip Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts to save a few bucks and they just indulge themselves on the office’s free brew– it’s comparatively cheaper and almost tastes the same. Though, if only these people would be aware of the bad effects of coffee in their body, as well as the high levels of sugar in every cup, there’s a huge possibility that they’ll look for a coffee alternative. Here are some of the best coffee alternatives that are a must-try.

Green Tea

More and more people are becoming aware of the health benefits of this wonder drink. It’s an overall health booster, metabolism galvanizer, and it could give you the amount of energy you need. However, unlike coffee, green tea doesn’t contain any caffeine and you’ll have a privilege to avoid the sugary junks that are mostly present in instant coffee or coffee served in coffee shops. As much as possible, opt for popular brands, such as Lipton to ensure that you’ll only get the best things that your body could take advantage of. Also, during a hot day, you could throw some ice cubes and make a refreshing glass of iced tea instead.

Though, if you want a ‘fancier’ version of green tea, why not try “Matcha tea” instead? It’s considered to be a superior detoxifier, antioxidant, and energy booster. Also, unlike regular green tea, you’ll be ingesting the high-quality powder, not just the herb infusion.

Peppermint Tea

Even though peppermint tea is caffeine-free, it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t give you the energy boost you need. In fact, even its smell could instantly boost all your senses, making you feel invigorated and energetic. Likewise, this herb is very magical that it could be used as a home remedy for stomach pain, nausea, and even droopy eyes.

Not just that, even the Egyptians and Roman have grown this herb in their garden for digestive purposes. Best of all, it’s an herbal tea that’s fresh, invigorating, and very affordable.

Green Smoothies

No wonder why most health enthusiast drink green smoothies after their workout routines. Both leafy and solid green veggies have low glycemic index, which only implies that they could easily be digested and it could give you the amount of energy you need to finish your tasks in no time. Thus, it’s considered as the “busy person’s best buddy,” because it only requires 10 minutes of juicing and you’ll have a full stomach all throughout the day.

Hot Apple Cider

It’s sweet tanginess would definitely wake you up, even though it’s also caffeine-free. Also, its soothing warmth would definitely satisfy your coffee craving, especially during cold winter months. It has natural sweetness, and you don’t even need to add any sugar.

Licorice Tea

This tea is caffeine-free, but it supports the overburdened adrenal glands– the organ that’s responsible for our feelings of stress. Aside from that, licorice is also an adrenal tonic that could boost the energy and activate the mind and body.