Essentials for Your Purse

If you’re like me, you tend to overpack for everything. Vacations, weekend stays, and even your everyday purse. I just throw everything in there and regret it later when my back hurts from holding my purse all day. We’ve together what we believe to be essentials for your purse, so that you are prepared, but not hauling your life with you.

1.) Blotting Sheets

Looking greasy is never cute. Instead of carrying your powder and continuing to pack on the layers of makeup, use blotting sheets! They gently absorb the oils off your face, without moving your makeup. You are left with a sheet of paper where you can see how oily you are (gross, but also intriguing).

2.) Hand Sanitizer

Because germs are gross. It’s that simple. We as women touch our face and hair a lot, and who knows where our hands have been?! Let’s just keep breakouts away from our face and oils out of our hair by sanitizing our hands.

3.) Two lip products

I will allow you not one, but TWO lip products. Of course, bring the lip product that you are using for the day to allow touch-ups, but you also want to bring a moisturizing lip balm because chapped lips are annoying, and not cute.

4.) Bandages

Those shoes look great on you! But they’re probably killing you. Bandages prevent blisters from those terribly uncomfortable, but super cute shoes. Oh, and you can use them for the obvious things like cuts too.

5.) Body Lotion

Dry cuticles. Ashy elbows. Wrinkly knees. All things that women dread throughout the day.