Dermacol foundation Review

Everyone’s raving about it, but does it live up to the hype? The Dermacol Makeup Cover Foundation was dubbed “world’s most complete coverage foundation.” Made in Prague, it has been getting more attention here in the states by means of YouTube and Amazon.

I have much appreciation for anything that may offer me intense coverage. Since I fight with constant breakouts and hyper pigmentation from acne, I am always looking for that holy grail base that could give me an even base for my makeup look. Particularly for special occasions, I gravitate toward long lasting and complete coverage makeup to keep me picture-ready.

The Dermacol Makeup Cover Foundation comes within this small and sturdy gold tubing that holds 30g (roughly 1.06 ounce). As though that’s no indication enough, this stuff is thick. It is thick and a little moussey, so this little tube will actually last you a fairly long time. A pea sized amount is practically all you need for your whole face. Seriously.



The foundation claims to be waterproof, hypoallergenic, with SPF 30 and great for all skin types to the most extreme coverage.

Upon first application, it is incredibly easy to apply way too much. There really is a learning curve with this base because of how thick duty it is. I have been using a silicone sponge recently, which helps me control how much product I am using, though I’d advise you to get used to this base with a damp sponge. As soon as you have it mixed in, you are left with a natural skin finish.

Through the day, however, it will begin to feel really dewy. Especially as I have combo skin, I could see glow in a few hours in warm weather in my t-zone. Even still, the policy was not disrupted that is the important part, right?




Above you can see unedited pictures of my skin before and after using the base. (Note: at the “after” shots, I included my brows, lipstick and mascara but nothing more on the face.) There is no denying that the policy is flawless– and I do not use that term lightly. Not only did it completely hide all problem areas, but it almost looked like it evened out irregular texture, too!

Even without setting the base straight away, powder face items like shape and blush mix out extremely easily on top. Not only that, but I feel like the Dermacol base stays on to my other face products to make them last longer, also.


The biggest downside to this base is solely the glow that will come through as hours. In case you’ve got dry skin, you might not have a problem. Additionally, as you learn precisely how much product you truly need, you might see this problem vanish.

I personally suggest using an oil-control primer, setting with powder and maintaining blotting sheets handy. It can seem like a pain, but the policy is well worth it. In addition, the coverage does not break down even as the base gets shinier. I believe that it’s certainly worth the hype and I am prepared to take the additional steps. This foundation gives me more protection than the highest-end foundations I have tried, in a fraction of a cost.

Another drawback is obviously having to purchase online, and trying to guess your colour. I got really lucky because 218 worked well for me, called a “yellowish beige” I suggest googling swatches to locate your closest shade.



The easiest way to get Dermacol Makeup Cover Foundation is on amazone.

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