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Crucial Nail Care Tips for Every Woman

Every woman desires to remain elegantly beautiful; and nails are part of that beauty. This is because nails always affect the overall health and looks of women. Well-manicured and pedicured nails contribute to better health for them, while also keeping them beautiful. Below are some of the strategies every woman should adopt to keep her nails in perfect form.

Keep your fingernails clean and rounded

First and foremost, every woman must make sure their nails are kept clean and dry. This promotes their radiance and reduces the chance of infection. Nails should be cut right across using a pair of sharp scissors or a nail clipper when trimming them short. Always be sure to round them out at the corners to keep them strong. Remember that snags promote nail infection and weaken their shape too. That is why you must file them to smooth them out for to protect your nails.

How to keep nails strong

As a precaution, nails should not be nibbled. You must also avoid removing the cuticle. Biting them may introduce infections and removing the cuticle makes them more vulnerable. To keep nails and toenails healthy, eat a proper diet that suits them. If they are too fragile, chances are that they are deficient of iron or calcium. Make use of foods such as liver, salmon, soy beans, beans, lentils, spinach, whole grain cereals, fresh vegetables, poultry, parsley, raisins and dates to give you some extra iron. Since beetroots have a lot of calcium and Vitamin D, a daily intake will make your nails look healthier. Do not use your nails as a tool for anything as this will put them at risk of damage.

Taking care of your toenails

Your toenails must remain short to eliminate the risk of injury too. If your toenails are hard to cut, soften them first by soaking in warm salty water for about ten minutes. Be sure not to dig out’ an ingrown toe nail. If you have such, see a doctor for treatment.
One of the best tips for protecting your toenails is to wear fitting shoes. Do not wear the same shoe for two days. Always alternate the shoes to give your toenails flexibility of growth. Finally when in public places like swimming pools or public showers, make sure you wear flip flops to reduce risk of toenail infection. Toenails unlike fingernails should be cleaned with fresh lemon juice solution for a cleaner finish. You can also massage them with a cotton ball dumped with fresh lemon juice. The massage will keep them clean, shiny as well as firm.

Use some nail varnish for extra protection

Nail care does not end with just cleaning. You may also do some varnishing to make them look beautiful as well as protect them. To varnish your fingernails or toenails, first hydrate them using apricot cuticle oil. This will allow the varnish to last longer and seep into the cuticle for a firmer grip. Prepare them with base coat after cleaning as this will give the varnish a firm foundation. Finally apply two coats of color varnish and seal off with a top coat. The top coat will both shine and protect the two coats.

Nail care for women must be done on a regular basis. It is really not a one-off affair. The most important thing is to feel beautiful, be healthy and look beautiful. Taking great care of your nails will help you with this goal.