Common Sex Myths About Women

You’ve all heard that men and women are completely different when it comes to sex. But the truth is that the attitudes men and women have towards sex are in fact more similar than you can imagine. Even though it’s very true that every single individual has a special way of thinking about and even experiencing their moments in the bedroom, every gender as a whole is not at all different as far as their sexual desires are concerned. Actually, a good number of the common sex myths about women are simply common misconceptions. The problem is that most people believe in these myths and this can dampen the mood and result in sexual frustration. Below are some of these common myths:

Women Are Not Into Casual Sex

There is a common notion that men concentrate only on sex whereas we women like relationships, family and kids. The truth is that, women aren’t any less likely to be ready for some casual sex than men, provided that it’s in a safe situation and with a sexually skilled partner they’re attracted to. Yes, we like relationships and family life too but that doesn’t mean we like sex any less. Women don’t prioritize on one area of their life over the other. We tend to multitask and combine both aspects.

Women Must Be Sweet-Talked Into Having Sex

Yes, sometimes women need to be wooed a little to give in, but sometimes, just the sight of the guy they like or a seductive smile from the man they’re interested in can start a fire inside them that’s impossible to quench. However, women aren’t conditioned to making the first moves, from asking a guy out to giving the first kiss to instigating sex to proposing marriage. We always tend to be patient and wait for such things to come to us.

Women Have Low Desire for Sex

It’s true that sometimes women don’t want sex that much. But sometimes, the men are the ones who want it less. Several studies have found that there isn’t any major difference between our sexual desires and the men’s. Other factors may be contributing to this low sex drive including boredom. It’s very difficult for a woman to get in the mood and be excited for the same old, less exciting sexual experience.

Women Must Be In the Mood So As To Have Sex

Sexual desire in women doesn’t necessarily have to come about before arousal. As many women say, the desire can take effect at any time. At times, you may not think you are in the mood for sex but your partner can help stroke up some desire you never even knew you had.

A Woman’s Sexual Satisfaction Is Dependent on the Man’s Penis Size

Occasionally, you might have heard men feel proud of themselves or think lowly of themselves when discussing their penis size. However, reports show that size doesn’t matter and this is just one of the many myths about sex. As a matter of fact, there is a medical condition known as “micro-penis”. If your man is suffering from this condition, that’s the only time you need to worry, otherwise everything else is okay. You should probably figure out how you can use a man’s other tools for maximum satisfaction.