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Bra Fit Tips and Tricks

Bras can be a girl’s best friend, or worst enemy. Finding the right fit, for the right shirt, of the right colour, can be a mission, we know. But here are some bra fit tips and tricks you might want to consider the next time you are bra shopping.

1.) Raising underwire? Lift your hands up. Is your bra’s underwire lifting away from where it’s supposed to be? This probably means your cups are too small. Assuming the straps are fitting properly and your band is hugging you nicely, if your underwire gaps it means your cups are not fitting you right. Try a size up!

2.) Breast spillage? Are your boobs bulging over the top, sides, bottoms, anywhere? You should try a size up. We don’t want questionable lumps under your t-shirt. Try a t-shirt on with your bra to see if it has the right look to it.

3.) Band riding up? If the back of your band is riding up, it’s probably too big. Go down a number size. The band should sit horizontally across your back all the way to the front.

4.) Gaping cups? If you find that your cups are gaping, try going a cup size down. We don’t want any nip slips!