Are You Afraid of Commitment? How to Attract Your Dream Man

Being afraid to show love and to be loved could be taken that one is not in love. Someone with this kind of fear is usually afraid of losing something or some part of their lives once they decide to commit. This also includes fear of making a wrong choice.

Some of the reasons why people are afraid of commitment include the fear of being rejected once they express their feelings of love. It could also be caused by past negative experiences in relationships. A number of those who fear to commit are usually afraid of making any obligations in their relationships probably because they are afraid of losing their independence once they decide to commit. To these women, being in a committed relationship will have them feeling confined and will limit their lives.

The fear of commitment varies from one woman to another. One may be extremely frightened by having to commit and the idea of settling down makes them feel sick and they can only think of getting out of the situation. On the other hand, they may just be not sure about making obligations in their relationships thus making delays in decision making.

People afraid of making relationship commitments are usually individuals who are in addition afraid of making other decisions in life including such simple things as which job to take.

This fear could cause the loss of valuable relationships that could have had great long term benefits. Continued fear could also lead to such serious problems as depression and extreme loneliness.

How to get rid of the fear of commitment and attract your dream man in the process

Get to know what is causing the fear. Identify the particular things one is really afraid of losing upon making a commitment some of which could be your freedom. It is essential to keep in mind that valuable relationships will not limit one’s independence and are instead meant to foster this freedom. If one is afraid of being hurt, it is important to evaluate the depth as well as the quality of relationship to make a decision on whether or not to commit.

Avoid over thinking your options as it increases the likelihood of making a wrong decision. Practice making decisions even about the simple things in life quicker and it will help in making your relationship decisions too.

Create a list of what you expect from a new relationship. This should however, be in regards with the emotional connection. Keep in mind that the ideal partner will be one who you have the same life principles with. In some instances, being afraid of committing may be an indicator that one is not in the right relationship. For this reason, trust your instincts.

Consider what is likely to happen in future with the new relationship if one is not afraid of making the commitment. This will help you think on the positive side of having a man in your life but ensure not to rush in making relationship choices.

Getting rid of the fear of making a commitment helps you to attract a good man because one has learnt how to take more risks in life. They are in addition in a better position to identify relationships which are valuable enabling them to pick the right partners.