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7 Foods To Enhance Your Moods

There are times when women start feeling down and depressed. This could be caused by the natural menstrual cycle or by anxiety and stress of everyday life. This depression feeling needs to be prevented because you can always live this way. Studies have shown that among the methods women use to reduce stress and enhance their mood, food is the most helpful one. Researchers have found that the following 7 foods have proved to be the most effective mood enhancers for women from all age groups

1. Chocolate

It isn’t new to many people that chocolate is one of the best moods boosting foods. That delicious and soothing feeling of a chocolate bar melting in your mouth can provide your body with a neurotransmitter called phenylethylamine, which releases endorphins in your brain and causes you to feel lightheaded. And that sweetness has effects on the pleasure center of your brain. Even milk chocolate has its own benefits, but obviously, the dark and bitter chocolate is even more helpful.

2. Whole Grains

It may be true that too many carbohydrates can make you gain weight, but moderate amount of complex carbs like oatmeal and rice will help release insulin into your bloodstream and relieve your stress. Even simple carbs can help enhance your mood temporarily, but it will result in a much speedier drop in insulin and subsequently cause emotional crash.

3. Salmon

Even though farm-raised salmon might have more mercury and other chemicals, a piece of salmon can give you about three quarters of the daily selenium allowance to help keep you composed and alleviate anxiety and irritability. And as most of you already know, salmon also contains omega -3 fatty acids that help keep your mood stabilized.

4. Spinach

Research shows that women who eat more vegetables, especially spinach tend to be less stressed out as compared to those who consume more of fried foods and processed foods. One piece of spinach can provide you with more than half of the daily folic acid allowance, which enhance the levels of serotonin in your brain for boosted moods, and magnesium for calm and relaxed muscles.

5. Eggs

Eggs may be high in cholesterol and fat, but they are also laden with high quality protein that will help increase your energy levels. Eggs also contain Vitamin D that helps increase the levels of serotonin in your brain and enhance your mood naturally.

6. Tea

When you feel anxious, any type of tea can help calm you down. Try taking either black or green caffeinated tea. Studies show that these kinds of tea are wonderful mood enhancers and you should feel much livelier after taking them.

7. High Calorie, Sugar, Salty and Fat Filled Foods

There is no doubt that most people like these foods, even though they are considered to be harmful to the body. They’re still most people’s favorites, especially women. The idea behind eating your favorite foods to help enhance your moods is that if you eat something you really don’t like or if you’re in a stressed mood while eating, you’ll not get the complete nutritional benefit of the food you’re eating, no matter the amount of nutrition packed into the food. On the other hand, if you eat even the most non-nutritive food that you truly enjoy eating, your body will absorb more of whatever nutritional value the food has. Besides, you’ll even feel much happier eating the foods you absolutely like.