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5 Common Workout Mistakes That Prevent Weight Loss

Burning calories is the key to weight loss, but if you’re not burning enough calories then you won’t see any results. This doesn’t mean you have to give up and say “I can’t lose weight”, because you CAN but with an improved technique. The following are a few mistakes people make that make it harder to lose weight:

1. Skipping Breakfast Before Morning Workout

It is assumed that if you don’t eat and workout you’ll start burning fat instead of just calories because you haven’t eaten yet. This is COMPLETELY wrong. Eating first thing in the morning gives you an energy boost to get through a workout and also increases your metabolism. Without the energy needed for cardio, you will end up feeling light headed or dizzy. In addition, you’re more likely to feel tired faster and quit your workout. Choose a sensible breakfast.

2. You Drink Post-Workout Smoothies

So you’ve finished an intense cardio workout and burned more than 400 calories, and you go to blend a delicious smoothie. A healthy snack can quickly turn into a calorie fest, with smoothies like the chocolate banana cashew smoothie. This is not to say that smoothies aren’t allowed, just make sure that you’re consuming low-calorie snacks and don’t get too carried away.

3. You Only Lift Weights

It’s a known fact that muscle burns more calories than body fat, and it’s very important to do weight training on a regular basis. Although, it is also important to be well rounded and also fit cardio into the workout. Cardio helps burn calories and decrease your overall body fat and reveal toned muscles.

4. You Only Do Walks

While walking is great and miles better than just sitting it’s not a huge calorie burner for those looking to lose weight. You must exercise as much as you can everyday (depending on schedule and within reasonable limits), and it must be heart pumping intense workouts. Things like jogging, hiking, biking, swimming etc. are preferable options. And if you want to take a walk to lift your mood and improve circulation go ahead, but only after that calorie burner!

5. You Only Workout Twice a Week

You pat yourself on the back for even going at all and leave it at that. This doesn’t give you an excuse to sit on the couch the rest of the week. If you want to see a major change you need to increase your workouts. If you’re on a time crunch and can’t do more than twice a week make sure to move at any opportunity you get. Take the stairs, walk more, or do short 15 minute circuit training sessions. Good luck with you weight loss goals and don’t forget these tips!