5 Clever Ways to Ditch Your Kids and Have Some Alone Time

Moms must have the most stressful jobs on the planet. Balancing the house, your job and having a family is not easy. A mom is the driving force of a family. It is you who controls people’s eating habits since, in most cases, they can’t seem to take care of themselves. You will always have your kids to look after and an extra one called your husband/boyfriend. Who takes care of you? Married moms and single moms all need some alone time every now and then. Achieving this may be difficult, but it is something that is possible. Here’s 5 clever ways you can ditch the kids to have a quiet moment…or two.

Organize a play date

Get in a group of neighborhood moms and organize regular play dates. Each mom will take a turn in watching children for a whole day. This tradition may drive you crazy when it’s your turn to watch the little monsters, but provides a nice way to relax whenever they’re at a friend’s house. You can have a day to yourself weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on how often the moms agree on the play dates.

A visit to a relative

Tell the kids you want to take them for a ride and end up at your sister’s or brother’s house. Walk in and tell the children to go look for their cousins. When they run along rush back to your car and drive away to your spa appointment or your husband. Here’s a tip: it would be wise to inform your sibling of your plans so that it can be effective.


Install a room dedicated to nothing but play and fun in your house. Take your kids there and put the eldest in charge of all activities. You may consider bribing them with some candy if they can promise to be extra quiet. Leave them playing sweetly and tell your husband/boyfriend they are sleeping. No man in this world likes watching his own rugrats so a lie can get you out of the house faster than the truth. Rush out and head to have drinks with your best friend or a quiet walk in the park.

Holiday classes

You can use the excuse that you don’t want your little bundles of joy wasting time on mindless television all day and enroll them into holiday classes. A fun learning activity such as piano or art would be good for a start. Drop them off and go be alone for a while.

After–school classes

Ask a teacher at the school if she would be willing to stay for an extra paid hour to help your children master English perfectly. Let out your cheeky side by telling the little rugrats that a teacher has complained about their use of language and wants them to stay behind after school. They will have no reason to think you are lying to them and will choose to go for the classes. This will give you an extra hour to yourself every single day.